You Love Your Work and You're Still Not Happy

Sages of old said that if you do the work you love, you won't feel that you're working at all. True enough, many job hunters heed this advice only to discover that it's not totally accurate. They find themselves unfulfilled, burned out, disappointed, or worse – more miserable than a jobless hippie.

Now don't think we're trying to promote and glorify a bum's life! We all have to make our contribution to the society and make this world a better place than it is. We also agree that, to do so, we need to love what we're doing and it should match our passion and talents.

The thing is – that isn't always the case and many people are still unhappy even if they found their so called "dream job." Maybe Confucius was thinking about only the circumstances of his era when he gave his advice about work!

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So why is it that after having found the job of your dreams, you're still looking as miserable as the blobfish? Scroll down and read...

You and Your Boss Don't Work Well Together

The ideal scenario is your boss should like you and believe in what you can do. After all, he or she is the one who hired you. Normally, your work's quality determines whether your boss would like you or not. However, there are many cases when the boss itself becomes the problem.

People who love their work often give the best results. Yet, if the boss has poor management skills, doesn't know how to inspire and motivate, or is just a plain self-centered person, loving your work won't be enough to make yourself happy. It's going to be one hell of a ride for your career.

Career counselors say that, when somebody quits their job out of frustration, they don't really quit from the company – they quit from their boss.

People in Your Workplace Are Giving You a Headache

There are some jobs that allow you or even require you to work solitarily. Some employees prefer this kind of structure, in which the only expectation they need to satisfy is their employer's. Yet for those whose roles need constant liaising with other staff, prepare to learn greater interpersonal skills.

I personally admire folks who have a knack for pleasing people. Or maybe they're just a natural when it comes to being likable. But humanity is bound by weakness and not everyone you see will adore you. It is an inevitable fact of life.

The workplace is a microcosm of the bigger society – there are good and bad fellows, and it's a place where people can grow and mature, learn new skills, and make long lasting friendships. Yet, it is also where envy and strife thrive; if not kept at bay, they can ruin good relationships.

The Company's Culture Doesn't Match Your Values

I have a friend who loves fixing computers. As his first job, he got hired as a computer technician in a multinational, tobacco-processing company. The salary was competitive and there were other perks as well, including free cigarettes and lots of smoking breaks.

He was a very good employee! Yet here's the thing – he isn't a smoker and he dislikes the smell of nicotine. Eventually, he became the object of ridicule and bullying for being the only staff who wasn't taking advantage of the "greatest perk" in that company.

Needless to say, he resigned and decided to build his own computer sales and repair business.

Your Finances Get Ahead of You

Work gives a person his or her purpose. But let's cut to the chase! Would you work without getting paid? You can volunteer your talents for a good cause, spend time doing your hobby, or just be a good citizen and help in community projects –  but you still need to eat and spend for your basic needs. You need a job that pays!

Most companies nowadays will provide a decent salary as required by law. Yet, there are some employers who are just so stingy that they cannot give the fair share of their profits to their employees. I sure hope they realize the error of their ways, or Lady Justice and the long arm of the law will get a hold of them sooner than later.

On the other hand, some people just can't help but spend more than they should. They immediately push their standard of living once they get a pay raise. Well, if this hits a nerve in you, then you may need to change your ways – because no amount of loving your work can indeed satisfy your desires and impulses.

As an advice, remember this equation (in the image below) and make it your mantra...

Expenses > Savings

Lastly, you're not bound to stay in the same post forever. You always have the option to quit and look for a better workplace. Just make sure you've done your research well and your decision to move on is not based on mere on emotion. You certainly don't want to end up in a worse place than before.

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