Bitterness Can Make You Sick

The only thing bitter I know that’s healthy is the ampalaya vegetable. Besides, your mouth will instinctually reject anything that tastes bitter. Nature has given your tongue a capacity to abhor bitterness, because oftentimes, something bitter is an indication that what you put into your mouth is poisonous.

You might retort, “Do you mean that I should not take medicines because they taste bitter?” Well, in fairness to medical professionals, you are not supposed to take meds if your doctor did not advise you to do so. Any medication can become a poisonous drug if it is not prescribed by a trained and licensed medical specialist.

An ill man next to his empty hearth tormented by the miseries of life

Bitterness is not only something tasted by the tongue; it is also an emotion felt by the soul. It is a feeling that can disturb your peace and contentment. Here is the thing, many people would rather savor the feeling of bitterness to the point that it would cost them their happiness, than get rid of it from their system.

1. The bitterness of loathing and unforgiveness

How many people have been destroyed because of an unforgiving heart? The thing about unforgiveness is that it consumes the one who harbors the grudge rather than the person who is the object of such loathing.

The deceptive satisfaction that you get when you are angry at someone is that you think you can even the odds once you get your revenge on the person you have a grudge with. Yet, even if you do get your chance for it, you only worsen the ill-feeling you have inside. It does not dissipate. You thought you had your retribution? No, you only exacerbated the cycle of hurt and resentment.

The only way to get rid of the bitterness of hate is to let go and forgive.

2. The bitterness of unquenchable envy

What makes the feeling of envy stings is that it causes you to ignore your own blessings while coveting what you see as others possess, thereby abandoning the happiness of savoring your own peace of mind. It gives a gypping perception that you are inferior than the person who is the object of your envy.

Beware of this bitterness because envy is both a ghost and a monster than can eat up even the happiest human being if such emotion is not contained and subjugated.

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3. The bitterness of unfulfilled desire

Having an ambition is not bad. How can it be, especially if you are aspiring for magnanimity? Desiring to be in a better state is something to be commended for.

Google Dictionary defines the word “desire” as “a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.” Woah, a strong feeling of wanting -- that is a very impetuous phrase! Imagine how frustrating and disappointing if such feeling is never requited.

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There are 2 ways to avoid this kind of bitterness:
  • You let it go (especially if it is not realistic).
  • You act on it so you can reach its fulfillment.

A man by the name of Joel A. Barker once said, “Vision without action is merely a dream.” So it is with any plan or goal you have; if you do not act on it, it remains but a mere dream -- a dream that can hound you obstreperously even in your restful moments. Yet, you are apprehended from acting on it. Is it because you are afraid to fail? You should not be, because it is better to fail in pursuing your vision rather than not knowing whether you can accomplish it or not. Your failure may even teach you a lesson or 2 -- something that can benefit you eventually.

4. The bitterness of despair

The worse bitterness of all is when you have lost all hope. The thing is, given the harsh reality of the world you live in, it is hope that is keeping you going. It is the fuel that pushes you to love and act upon what makes you fulfilled and happy. Without it, it is tantamount to losing life itself.

Who does not know Judas Iscariot? Scholars say that history’s condemnation of his character was not because he betrayed his Master. It was because he despaired and, by doing so, he eventually took his own life. Judas underestimated the power of the Master’s benevolence and mercy.

As a final note…

Whether it is unforgiveness, envy, unrequited ambition, or hopelessness, emotional bitterness is not something to be proud of. You only have self-ruin ahead of you if you let it get over your head. Doctors and health experts believe that bitterness is a contributing factor to cancer, cardio-vascular diseases, mental illness, and weak immune system.

Some people have a hard time flushing bitterness away. If you are one of such folks, you may want to talk it out with someone worthy of your trust or, if the necessity comes to it, seek the help of a trained behavioral specialist.

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