Reasons Why Your Boss May Eventually Dislike You

Normally, your direct manager or supervisor should not dislike you. In the first place, he/she is the one who recruited you and got you onboard. Practically, he/she is also the one in charge to ensure your growth and development in the workplace. So why in the world would your boss eventually dislike you then?

What if your boss was not the one who hired you and did not go through the process of screening you until you pass the recruitment, like if he/she got promoted from a lower position or if he/she got hired directly as a manager or supervisor and was appointed to lead you and your teammates? There are circumstances when a team leader never get the chance to choose his/her team members by interviewing new recruits.

In any case, whether he/she is your lead person from the the start of your stint in the company or he/she just came in as a newbie, there is still the possibility that he/she may dislike you eventually. Of course, the ideal is to maintain a good and smooth working relationship with your boss. The thing is, certain personality traits may get in the way of such relationship. Sometimes, even if you have done so much to avoid friction, how the other party reacts and responds to your attempts may already be outside of your circle of control and influence.


1. You appear to be more competent than your boss

In most cases, competency can be measured. When it is measured, it becomes an objective trait. Sadly, there are some people who think that they are objective in assessing competency when, in fact, they are very subjective about it. Sometimes, being competent is confused for being likable.

Depending on how secure the person is, ego can be a sensitive nerve that tingles inside when it is touched even just a little. When you appear to be better in skill and knowledge than your boss, yet he/she regards the people under his/her supervision as inferior, then you are in for a treat - a bad treat that is.

2. You are well-loved by the boss of your boss

You do not have to be competent to be lovable. In fact, “competent” people can and may act like a-holes. What if your being lovable does not limit itself to your inner circle? What if such lovability reaches the higher echelons of management?

Well, then you become a threat to your direct managing officer. His/Her fear may not be substantiated by succinct evidence, but the mere perception of you being favored by upper management may hurt your boss’ pride. He/She surely does not want to be swiped out of his/her commanding position.

3. Your salary is higher than that of your boss

There is a reason why most (if not all) companies have a policy of keeping salaries strictly confidential. It keeps jealousy and envy out of the system. Mind you, such emotions are very demotivating to an employee.

Many people think that, if you are a boss, your salary is supposed to be way higher than your subordinates. The thing is, that does not always happen. There are some instances wherein the subordinate has a higher salary grade than that of his superior. There are variety of conditions why such is the case, but I tell you, it happens.

Ideally, this should not be a problem since salaries are a confidential matter. It will become a dilemma only if you tear up its concealment. So be careful not to be boastful about your emolument.

4. Your personal and professional values contradict

When family members are not in the same wavelength and there is no room for compromise, they open themselves to much bickering and unruly conflicts - they become a haven of intolerance. If it happens within families, surely it occurs in the workplace. Reality will be pounded by difficulty if this is how you describe your relationship with your boss.

We all know that morals are important; they guide our decisions and actions. They become even more significant when they define your relationships with people. It can either knit your minds together or convert your supposed allies into hostile frienemies.


The best way to avoid a toxic work relationship with your boss is to remain humble. Always allow your boss to shine because, when he/she does, then you too will have to spark the light.

If your daily bread that is supposed to energize your passion at work has become rotten and poisonous, then you may need to leave it behind already and move on. There is a popular proverb that says…

"If you cannot take the heat, then get out of the kitchen."

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