Are You in Misery? Have Faith!

No one can escape being stung by the fangs of misery. Sadly, even the luckiest of men and women encounter it. However, the REAL lucky folks are not those who do not experience misery, they are the ones who rise up from setbacks, learn from their errors, and move on from their failures.

Yet, human nature is frail. Even the strongest people I have met succumb to weakness and give in to the formidable force of demotivation and depression. That is why I see it as a miracle when seemingly “hopeless” situations make a spectacular turnaround. I have seen them happen (and I bet you have too). The thing is, I often observe such occurrences to people who have Faith or to those people who had no faith (at all) but, in their quagmire of desperation, have turned to faith to fuel their remaining hope.

Since the Thought Provoker has a mission to make its readers see annoying miseries transform into really inspiring stories, the publisher now adds a new category to this online digest. It is labeled as Faith Matters.

My hope for you, dear Reader, whether you are a believer or non-believer, is that you find benefit from the stories and articles under this new category.


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