Write for Your Readers Not for Yourself

I have great respect and admiration for fiction writers. They are able to create worlds and realities other than our own. Although essays have their purpose among the readers of today, plots and characters are more challenging to develop. It is like bringing to life something that does not exist. Stories, I believe, have a more compelling way to carry out a message through emotional entertainment.

Most bloggers have to settle with writing essays, while some others prefer to write their personal exploits– showing off their travels and the many things they buy. Whatever it is, I have yet to see a revenue generating blog that has creative fiction as its sole content.


How do I mean by that? Well, fiction writers would normally pitch their stories to publishing companies. If their stories get a nod from the reviewers and editors, then they get published and sold in bookstores. But how about if, instead of submitting their stories to publishers, they make a blog or website to host and publish their stories – and let people read and savor these creative works on the Internet?

I guess the primary challenge with this feat, as with any blog, is to get the right number of followers and subscribers, who will read your stories with honest curiosity and faithful interest. The more readers you have, the more site traffic you get – and it is traffic that will attract online advertisers and ad networks to display their money-making advertisements on your website.

For news sites and magazine websites which are owned by established publishing companies, getting readers and site traffic are not much of a problem. They have an army of writers and online marketers to provide content and promote their webpages. Famous celebrities who blog about their escapades do not have an issue with it either - they have fans who will devour their write-ups with loyalty. In the end, any blogger or writer – no matter how he/she loves the art of writing – will be burned out by the question: Who the heck are reading my works?

Some bloggers out there will say that they do not care whether or not they get revenue from what they do. What matters for them is that they love writing and that they are passionate about it. Well, if they are not thinking of their readership, then they may just write their material in a scrap of paper and keep it inside the closet (forever).

The thing is, ad revenue is a mark that your blog is getting traffic, which means people are reading your material. If you do not care about traffic and revenue, what the heck is your blog for? You might as well configure its settings to private – without the advantage of maintaining a steady and loyal reading audience.

My take is that any writer should want his/her work to be read by people. Expressing ones thoughts, ideas, and feelings are good. Yet, deep in the heart of the writer, he/she should aspire to make a mark on the minds of people through his/her written work.

If you write in a diary, then your most probably goal is just to write for yourself. However, if you are blogging or writing a story or an essay, then you should write for your readers. Think about how they will receive your material. That, I think, is the mark a true writer by heart.

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