Adversity, Pleasure, and Victory

You walk straight ahead to your destination - the place you thought you knew well. Yet now, you are not sure what will occur once you reach it.

Then, at a dull moment, you see a lonely bench. So you take a sit and rest. You ponder and recall all your past experiences. You realize nothing has changed. What you endure now, you have endured before - not greater and certainly not less.


Although you are on a different level of your life, the sights, sounds, and feel of it are practically the same. You look for someone wiser, whose wisdom can provide you of some relief. But where can you find one? You are like a fish in an ocean full of strangers.

You would rather be a bird who has wings that can fly and roam around the world. In this Earth, there are many possibilities you can choose, and yet there are burdens you have to carry along with each choice.

Let all the things of this world be passing. Besides, that is what they truly are – they are all bounded by time. However, there is one thing you should never lose – and that one thing is hope – the hope that good things will come out of any situation.

Lest you forget, you still live in the present. You should keep your feet on the ground while savoring the pleasure of this dreamy moment. And then you ask, “Can happiness be found by indulging in the pleasures the human body craves for?” Your much wiser conscience responds, “Nay, they too are passing.”

If such is the case, then adversity and suffering too will pass. It will not be long and all of these will come bow to you and bend. Patience and courage - they are the ones that will aid you to come out victorious at the end.

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