Job Applicants in Waiting

What makes applying for a new job difficult is, not so much the pressure of interviews and other screening procedures, but the tightness of the competition. If there are a lot of other applicants and they are all eyeing the same post, then such situation makes the application more overbearing than the usual.

Written on the 12th of September year 2002, here is a poem about queuing for a job interview. Enjoy the read and, if it pleases you, share your own experience of waiting in line for your turn during a job screening process. Express yourself in the comment section below.


Young men and women sit beside each other

The way they sit makes the benches sunder

Plastic chairs, each one has a man

Though some of them, instead, have a woman.

Waiting for the call from the office not beyond

The smiling faces make them greet anyone

Who comes out of the room they hope they could be in

As they ponder the question, "Will I be the one?"

Only time can tell,

And the ones on top as well

Will they be allowed to enter and be met

By those they call the Management?

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