When You Are Bothered and Cannot Sleep

For a person to say that he or she has insomnia, the inability to sleep soundly should be habitual or chronic. If it is just one or a few instances of not being able to sleep, then it may not be insomnia. In such a case, you need to find out what is bothering you and causing your unsleepiness.

Here is a poem written on the 28th of August year 2002. Read and learn why some people find it hard to sleep - and it is not about insomnia.

Social Insomnia

I am bothered

The dog barks unstoppably;

My head lies on the pillow

But my thoughts are wide awake

Its barkings sound like cries for succor

Wanting to be free from the chains

That grip its neck.

It expects its master's coming

In the hope that he will set it free

From that which binds its will

Yet, throughout the night

Exhaustion has embraced its throat

Its weightless sounds are null

And my thoughts have taken them in sleep.

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