What is Character?

Would it be proper to assume that, when talking about the definition of character, you are familiar with the saying...

"Character is your personality when no one is around to look at you,"

...or something along those lines?

Well, if you are not yet aware of it, I guess I have given you a (free) service. Now you are aware! Indeed, character is the real you; it is beyond reputation, because reputation is just the perception of people towards you. It is up to you, then, which between the two is more important. What is it that you care for the most, your character or your reputation?


Talking about what character is, here is a poem I scribbled circa September, 2002. Enjoy the read, and please do make your comments about it in the comment section below.

It is something I see but do not perceive,
Yet it can be perceived but cannot be seen.
All things shall pass; only this will remain,
My thoughts are a part of this special domain.

Yours and mine are often compared,
Yet those who compare are not even fair.
For they too are judged just like we are,
Their actions will speak for them however far.

Darkness will conceal but light will reveal,
It is you when people’s eyes are not on a deal.
Truth has its way of showing Herself out,
You will be judged as soon as She gets a mouth.

Conscience tells us the wrong from the right,
Erroneous it may seem yet it has its own might.
We may conceal it by acting out a lie,
But karma has the wit of making deceit die.

Though by death it looks like it is the end,
Those alive will recall your memory from grave's bend.
Your sins and blessedness – whatever they might say,
The future of your soul is what you do today.

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