What Do You Do When You Are Tired?

How do you define rest? How do you define tiredness? Are they contrasting words? Surely you know that the former is the antidote to the latter.

If you are asked to choose between those 2, I bet you would choose rest. The thing is, rest is not useful (it may not even exist) if there is no tiredness. Otherwise, if you just rest all the time without any speck of feeling tired, then you may just qualify to be a disciple of the Master Procrastinator.

From my archived notebooks long hidden deep inside web infested drawers, here is a poem about tiredness I wrote 23rd of August in the year 2002.

Tired Kid

I am tired
Tired from work, tired from school.

My head is exhausted from thinking
My hands are crippled from crunching
And they can no longer stretch.

The nerves tingle with fatigue
My eyes are sunken from looking up
No response... No response...
But hope pervades my heart.

Does His Presence invigorate me?
Testimonies of His Mercy
Abound in my memory
That's what makes me going
And what makes me living.

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