The Last Turn of the Century – A Celebration Gone Wrong

Writing on behalf of my generation, I raise my pen and think of words that will best describe what is going on. I think not for my own sake, but for what accounts on the welfare of many. It may not be popular as it is, but I deem it right for everyone to read what I am about to convey. Let the world stop and reflect on the events of our age.

More than a decade ago, we have celebrated the dawning of a new millennium. The citizens of Planet Earth were jubilant, ecstatic, but most of all – hopeful. The celebration was in unison regardless of culture, country, hemisphere, and timezone – as if all the nations have finally united and human beings were no longer alien to each other. The media (print, radio, television, and the Internet) ostentatiously covered the gracious occasion, truly proving its power to bring people closer in spite of the spatial and temporal boundaries that existed.

The world was hopeful that after enduring many wars and revolutions, pestilence and famine, devastation and calamities throughout human existence, we have finally learned to value each other in order for us to survive and live as one citizenry of this planet. It appeared that we have learned from the mistakes of past generations and that we would resolve to avoid them once and for all.

It Was Just a Party

Many years have passed since the celebration, and now, we endure another war – one that involves both violence and hi-tech propaganda. Suffering and bloodshed have taken a new form. The roots of this evil is just the same as all those that were done throughout history – racial and religious hate and apathy.

Instead of trying to get rid of poverty, look for cure to terminal diseases, and find ways to ensure equity and sustainability of the Earth's goods, not a few people have chosen to do more damage than remedy. They have given in to apathy and hate. Or are they victims of apathy and hate that they (wrongly) responded with the same?

Whatever the reason, violent aggression can never do anything good. It will only lead to more suffering and hatred. Unless kindness and compassion would come in, this cycle of violence will never stop.

Our World's Star Wars Episode IV

Stop Wars

The world has forgotten the New Hope which was ushered in by the new millennium. Yet, it is hope that keeps our hearts burning with aspiration – the desire for something good and better amidst all that is bad and worse.

Should you keep on hoping? A hope that will develop into zeal, and zeal which will lead you to commitment – the commitment that will bring you to the realization of your hope. Let justice and peace reign in this world.

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