The Hall

Except for those who major in literature and language, I am inclined to believe that very few people in this modern age have a passion for reading poetry. But what the heck! For no better reason than to share something from my archived notebooks which contain some poems, proses, and essays, here is a poem (if you can call it a poem) I wrote dated August 30, 2002 and entitled as "The Hall."

The Hall

The darkness envelops the hall
Though there are windows on the walls
That emit a certain spark.

Below, chairs abound with people
Yet some are empty and dull
While no one speaks in front,
Silence is not resident.

Noises echo around
But they remain murmurs from behind
The wall listens yet no one understands.

So how do you find it? What is its literal meaning? What does it say about human behavior? How does it relate to you? Your interpretations and comments are all welcomed below.

Literature is a tool that has the power to bring out inspiring stories from any of life's miseries (which is this website's mission). So whether prose, essay, or poem, the Thought Provoker will use the potency of the written word to accomplish this mission. Expect that from time to time, you will see poems of such nature being published by the Thought Provoker.

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