The Formidable Power of Sleep

There are 3 basic comforts and pleasures the adult human body craves for. They are: eating, having sex, and sleeping. Of these 3, I opine that the last one has the greatest pulling power than the rest. The force is so strong it can hinder your plans for the day even if you resist and go against its whims and allure.

Power of Sleep

You can skip a meal or 2 and you can still keep going. There are people who do not have sexual relations for a month, and they can live in satisfaction and contentment. Mind you, there are those who have vows of no sex at all for the rest of their lives, and yet they live fulfilled and gratified.

Depriving yourself of sleep even for just one night has tremendous effect on your focus, physical endurance, and mental alertness. The day, after a totally sleepless night, is the day when the temptation to close your eyes and ignore all the things around you will manifest itself in full force. If you are on the road, this scenario can be detrimental to your life or someone's.

It is a constant struggle for people who lack sleep to wake up early in the morning and begin their day with enthusiasm and vigor. During the day, when sleepiness occurs, the power of sleep can weaken even the strongest of heart. Sometimes, the aid of caffeine or energy drink is sought when the temptation to sleep is poking around; it works for some people, but it is not for the long term and it also has some dangerous effects to your heart if it becomes a habit.

Are you strong against sleep?

I am sure that I am not. I am weak when it comes to fighting against sleepiness and boredom. Every time I feel sleepy, I always have a hard time struggling against it. I often succumb to its allure and the comfort that it brings to my brain and body.

Sleepiness usually comes whenever I am bored at a particular situation. It often occurs when I am riding a vehicle, reading an unexciting literature, or watching a boring television show. Sometimes, even listening to a long sermon or speech can get me sleepy within a matter of minutes.

How about you, folks, are you awake most of the time? What are your troubles when it comes to your sleeping habits?

Funny Scene of Uncontrollable Sleepiness inside Train

Youtube video courtesy of NeKo JTV

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