Some People Want to See You Burn

In a world where chaos is the norm and when the majority crave for scandal and sensationalism, you cannot rest your laurels in peace because there will be people who cannot withstand the sight of you being contented and peaceful.

You are doing your chores in an orderly and unassuming manner, performing them with utmost care, and suddenly some unruly person will just drop in and wham every bit of orderliness you have created. This person will ruin your plans, disturb your peace, and create havoc in your thoughts.

Woman Crying while Man Destroys Everything

I guess the challenge is for you to not allow them to control your emotions. Tolerance and patience are difficult to practice, and folks who want to see people burning are inevitable in this world. The best way to defeat them is through the application of those two virtues.

People like that are not necessarily evil, they just do not like you or they hate the sight of you being peaceful, successful, or happy. It is sad that this is a reality you have to bear. You want them be your allies, instead they choose to be your antagonists.

Are you good with tolerance and patience? Are you friends with everyone? Are there people within your circle of influence that cause you stress (deliberately)? How do you deal with these people and how do you overcome the stress they give you? Your advice and wise counsel will surely be appreciated.

I leave you with a video adaptation about "Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds" from Youtube channel AishVideo.

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