Post-Christmas Blues - Getting the Hang of January

A friend narrated to me how the level of happiness and enthusiasm he experienced, when he was making and decorating his Christmas tree, was suddenly turned and doubled into sadness and wariness once it was time to take it down.

Removing Christmas Decors
To most people of many cultures, Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year. It brings about joy, excitement, and a certain glow in the eyes of every child-like being in our weary world. Christmas will not be Christmas if it is not coupled with gift giving, banquets of many kind, family reunions, and (of course) the long vacation.

Oh yes, the long vacation! I would agree that this is one thing you can expect from most workers and students during the Christmas holidays. So what happens next if such long and lazy vacation is over? - An even graver and demotivating laziness...

Winter Sadness
Just a few days when everyone is about to go back to work or school (tie it up with the decreasing temperature of the winter season), you will see the faces of tiredness, depression, and sloth. The holidays should have given the much needed break and rest for our tired minds and bodies, which have been working all year around; but we want more of the holidays and extend the days when we can spend more time with family and loved ones.

Queen Elsa Doll and Balloon
I guess this "After Christmas Blues" is one of the simple trials we have to overcome every now and then, something we need to get over with every start of the year. Anyways, there is another Christmas waiting for us at the end of the year. It is a good thing we live in the age of social media, when we can reminisce the Holiday memories in full digital clarity with a click of a mouse or a tap of a finger.

The Queen of Arendelle advises us to "Let it Go" and it is a good advice, indeed. Yet, I would rather hear the cry of Vaughn Monroe because "we really have no place to go" but to move forward.

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