Your Work's Results Matter the Most - Some Do Not Agree

There is always the temptation among managers to count the performance of their employees based on the number of work done or how lengthy and strenuous the tasks were. We all know that results matter more than the amount of work, that quality must always be above quantity, and that working smarter should be preferred over working harder. Yet, in practice, these concepts are so gullible to be ignored.

Idea, Plan, and Action

When the results have been achieved and the output has been seen to be excellent, some managers tend to be critical of such if the work that was done was easy and simple. In a way, these managers do not encourage working smarter. The complex planning of the objective is more important to them rather than the witty and intelligent implementation of the plan.

Some managers worship detailed planning. The presentation of the plan is given more glory than the actual application and achievement of the desired result. Somehow, this leads us to the belief that failure and disappointment is just so inevitable because we do not give credence to achieving worthwhile output through simple yet smart ways of doing things.

How do you measure your own productivity? Is it the number of things you worked on during the day? Or do you measure them based on the satisfaction you get from the results?

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