3 Reasons Why Tennis Players Train to Be Superheroes

Serena Williams
It is a fad that a lot of people are getting hooked on superhero stories and superhero themed items nowadays. Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, you cannot seem to escape the bandwagon. There was a time when superheroes were a hobby for boys only, but now, even girls have gotten into the cult.

No, I am not here to talk about the many characters of the superhero genre or to review their shows, movies, and stories. (I want to leave that topic for another post some other time.) You are here reading this article to read about Tennis and how Tennis players are honing themselves to be superhero-like athletes. Not that they will acquire superpowers and some freak abilities, but as popularly known, the likes of Batman, Green Arrow, Black Widow, and even Zorro for that matter, rely only on their human strength and athletic prowess.

Many sports reviewers and even superhero enthusiasts might say there are far better games that can train a man or woman to fight off evil as a masked hero. Maybe they would prefer fencing, gymnastics, or archery. But you know what? There are personality skills among tennis players that we somehow overlook but are the traits of great heroes – and not just the fictitious superheroes but the ones that live in real life.

1. They run to chase

Any hero has an objective of why he chooses to be a hero. In every adventure he is into, the hero has an aim to go for – especially when he is running after bad guys.

Tennis players are chasing their aim every after a minute each time they play. Whenever the ball reaches their side of the court, it becomes a “do-or-die” scenario just to go after it and running with the goal of not letting it pass their territory.

Once the ball passes over the net to the other side, their eyes are still fixed on the aim. Their legs are ever ready to run the chase and hit the ball hard again.

2. They hit hard

When you go after bad guys and once you catch them, you got to hit them hard lest they hit back and escape your clutches. This is how Tennis players are trained to do. Once they have the ball within their reach, they really do hit it hard, not just to prevent it from getting past their territory, but to make sure the ball will go against the will of their opponent.

3. They can do both solo and team play

In other sports, you either play it alone or you play as a team. This is what we all love about Tennis, you can play it solo and yet you can also play doubles. Superheroes know when to go on a quest alone and when to join a squad of other heroes in the pursuit of a formidable goal.

When Tennis players do play in a team (or should I say in doubles), the manner of attack becomes “hit and let hit” – give and take – in order to defeat the opponent at hand.


People can dream big and people train to achieve their dreams. To my mind, when people play Tennis and become experts on it, they gain the skills of someone who can be great and be hero to many.

Andy Murray

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