Gluttony in a World Full of Hunger

Last Christmas, I had the chance to watch with the kids the 2009 animated movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. I am a food lover, and surely, I can relate to the theme of the story. What a wonderful world it would be if it would be raining all kinds of food just like ordinary rain from above. You need not go hungry again; and on the altruistic side of things, the citizens of Earth will not ever be wanting for food again. I am all in support for the invention of the machine (oops, spoilers here) that can produce a delicious meal from a mere drop of water. With such invention, world hunger will finally be solved and eradicated.


Imagine if you need not look for food, that you would not have to work in order to pay for a delicious and decent meal 3x a day or more. You will just look up to the clouds in the sky and wait for them to rain down the food you want, which will give you nourishment and strength for the rest of the day. In the Bible, we see Yahweh (how God is addressed in Hebrew) providing manna, the bread from Heaven, each day to the Israelites when they were in the desert after their great escape from the slavery of Egypt (read Exodus chapter 16).

You take it for granted

Bread, Work of Human Hands
Most of the time, when our needs and wants are readily satisfied by just a touch of a finger, we tend to be complacent and abusive of the situation. In the Scriptures, we see the Israelites grumbled against God and Moses because they were not given anything else other than manna (read Numbers chapter 11). In the movie, the island citizens of Swallow Falls became lazy and gluttonous; and when you embrace laziness and gluttony, you become fat, demotivated, and negligent of your health. In such case, being big is not so great.

It is a good thing that we still have the capability to search for food. There is a benefit to both the soul and body when we work hard for the meals we consume daily, which will nourish and strengthen us in our day to day undertakings. The problem of world hunger is not just an issue of scarcity - Mahatma Gandhi has put it more bluntly yet succinctly, "(The) Earth provides enough to satisfy everyman’s need but not enough for any man’s greed."

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